About Us
Located in Liming reconsolidated area nearby the 7th Redevelopment Zone, the most bustling and flourishing district of Taichung City, the hotel is 2 minutes to the interchange of Provincial Highway 74 (Shizheng Road connect to Longfu Road) and a 5-minute car ride to the adjoining Feng Jia Night Market. The low-density developed streets give the impression of a laid-back way of living in the prosperous and flourishing city. The sensation of the displacement of time and space, though standing close to the madding crowd, one can still feel strongly the excellent vacation atmosphere which is likely to sweep away the troubles and worries of life.
Based on the business philosophy of “Sharpen the Saw, continuous renewal”, we have smelled the demands in the market that our hotel tries to blend together the four different elements and concepts including “the elegant style of cultural creation”, “the gracious style of luxury apartment and postulate”, “the style of urban forest”, and “the sumptuous style of multi-functional amenities” and elaborately builds up a holiday inn which combines fascinating vogue with cultural creation. The soothing and relaxing views exist almost everywhere in the daytime or nighttime under the interlacement of space design, planting vista, and ambient lighting. “An attractive picture painted with a window, tree, and beautiful scenery”, the multi-level sense of beauty is completely stunning.
One can perceive cultural creative concept and installation art in public spaces or in every corner of our rooms. We integrate and adopt the unique design of a great number of large-sized log materials and fashionable metals. There are even antiques, furniture, and household ornaments from medieval castles in Europe, or interesting, innovative furnishings of animal shapes displayed in our hotel. The goal is to create the art spirit of “cultural creative traveller’s inn” and fulfill a kind of attitude and rhythm for the taste of life.
Taichung City Hotel Number:358
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Shuei Wu Villa

No.200, Sec. 5, Longfu Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan (R.O.C.)




Reservation Notice
‧Definition of Normal Day/Weekday: Sunday to Thursday (Holiday excluded)
‧Definition of Normal Rest Day: Monday to Friday (Holiday excluded)
‧For package accommodations, please refer to the relevant check-in, check-out, and breakfast provisions in accordance with each program.
‧Bringing pets into our hotel/guest rooms is strictly prohibited.
‧The maximum number of guest for per room is 2. Our hotel does not offer extra beds or the service of adding extra persons.
‧Rooms at the same rate may vary slightly from one another due to different architectural designs. The actual room type is subject to our on-site situation.
Rules for Cancellation
The definition of reservation deposit: 30% of the room payment will be collected as the reservation deposit.
No booking deposit will be refunded if you cancel the reservation on the check in date.
Refund 20% booking deposit if you cancel the reservation 24 hours before the check in date.
Refund 30% booking deposit if you cancel the reservation 2 to 3 days before the check in date.
Refund 40% booking deposit if you cancel the reservation 4 to 6 days before the check in date.
Refund 50% booking deposit if you cancel the reservation 7 to 9 days before the check in date.
Refund 70% booking deposit if you cancel the reservation 10 to 13 days before the check in date.
Refund 100% booking deposit if you cancel the reservation 14 days before the check in date.
Should there be any changes in the amount/percentage of refund regulated by the decree, please refer to the latest regulations of standard form contract issued by Tourism Bureau, MOTC.